The Owners
Kathy and Patrick Moneybrake
Why we use Sub-Contractors
All of our technicians are Sub-Contractors. There are a few reasons why this is a better way to operate our type of business, and why you the consumer will receive a better experience with our company.
All technicians are “Licensed and Insured” as independent business owners. When they are performing a service for you, they can take pride in the fact that they are servicing your project as their project, not just a nine to five job. Your not just a customer to us, but to them as well.  Pride of ownership helps to insure that every job is done right.
Because we have no employees, we are able to offer you the consumer more competitive pricing, without having to lower our standard of service or use less expensive material to cut costs. 
Because each of our technicians are independent business owners, they never have to worry about being laid off or fired at the end of the busy season. Each one of them has a specialty and work together as a team. We all trade jobs throughout the year so none of us has to go on unemployment insurance, helping the economy with fewer persons taking from the government. 
Each of our Technicians was trained by Patrick, and under go training on a weekly basis. Please read their Bio’s to learn more about them, and find out what other services they offer that you may be able to benefit from. 
Patrick and Kathy met in 1993. In 1997 they booth began working for Washington’s Cheaper Chimney sweeps, Then moved to a $39.99 chimney sweep of Auburn, WA. In 2000, Patrick started Independent Commercial Services in Bonnie Lake, WA. In 2003, Patrick and Kathy moved to Ca to help Patrick's father run Al's Clean Care carpet and upholstery cleaning. In 2005, Patrick's father retired, and Patrick changed the name of the company to "Integrity Cleaning Services". In 2007 Patrick and Kathy Added Chimney and Dryer vent cleaning and repair to the business. 
Due to Patrick and Kathy's pursuit to excellence, and honest approach, they were able to close down the carpet cleaning side of the business, and concentrate on chimney and dryer vents only. Today Patrick and Kathy are building one of the fastest growing Chimney businesses in the state of Ca by following a few simple rules.

1) Honor God in all you do! 

2) Have the best staff possible!

3) Be more concerned about making a friend then a dollar!